Tips on Finding Boxer Puppies for Sale

When it comes to finding boxer puppies for sale, you can easily discover them on the Internet. The dog, which is from Germany, is a mix of the bullenbeisser (which is now extinct) and the bulldog. Raised to capture large game animals, such as deer, the dog came to the United States after the Second World War and has been popular ever since. Today, the boxer is used to herd cattle, assist the police, and guard businesses and properties.

Boxers stand about two feet high and are colored brindle, tan or reddish. They are amiable and intelligent animals and prove to be loyal companions, whether they live with one person or a family. Being the friendly dogs they are, boxers are good pets to include in a home with children or other pets. When they produce puppies, they usually have about three to ten at one time.

When you are searching for boxer puppies for sale, make sure that you write down a number of questions to ask the breeder or seller of the pups. For example, ask him about the requirements for grooming boxers and find out how much exercise the dog will need on a daily basis. Also, don’t forget to ask about any health issues that are connected with the breed. If possible, it’s best to see the pups’ mother and father in person or, at least, view pictures of the parents. Ask the breeders, too, how many litters the dogs produce annually.

When on your journey of finding boxer puppies for sale too, you’ll want to find out if there are any socialization requirements that should be met before the puppy is introduced into their new household. Also, you’ll want to find out what type of guarantee comes with the puppies. Does the breeder or seller have available references? Are they affiliated with any associations? What is the return policy if you cannot keep the pup after you purchase him?

In addition, as you look for boxer puppies for sale, you will note that many of the breeders you talk to are glad to answer your questions. After all, most of them want to make sure they sell their boxer puppies to owners who will truly care about the puppies’ welfare.

If you find a breeder or seller online, send them an email. Once you’ve made contact, ask them for their phone number. If they are reluctant to give you a number, move on and look for another breeder. Also, do not send money to an address other than the one that is given on the breeder’s web site. Do not send cash by way of Western Union either as it isn’t secure. Instead, use PayPal for buying a puppy online.

If you find a boxer puppy you like, make sure that your agreement with the breeder is specific. The paperwork should include all the details, such as the type of dog you will be receiving and information about health and registration as well as the refund and return policy. In most instances, you’ll need to have your new boxer puppy examined by a veterinarian within the certain span of time.

Get the agreement in writing to prevent any misunderstandings after you’ve purchased your dog. Ask the right questions and know what you are signing before you take a puppy home.

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