Tips on Finding Cheap Holidays to Mauritius

The Perfect Getaway Any Time of Year

Ideal weather is the main reason that tourists flock to the beautiful island of Mauritius, where the gloom and chill of northern climes is forgotten in this popular tropical island destination. Whether you choose to travel from the spring to fall, when the warm weather is balmy and comfortable, or plan your trip from winter to spring, when the soft ocean breezes contrast sharply with the icy conditions of a cold winter’s day, you will find such a trip the perfect getaway.

A Little Bit about the Island of Mauritius

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of, or about 1,200 miles off of Africa and directly east of Madagascar. The island once was the part of a land bridge which was known as the Mascarene Archipelago. Just over 1,000,000 people live on the island where French and English are spoken regularly.

You can Find Inexpensive Holiday Packages online to Mauritius quite Easily

It’s not hard to find cheap holidays to Mauritius as Mauritius is a tropical destination that provides an extensive flight schedule for travelers that makes it easy to reach. Mauritius hotels and tour operators focus on hospitality so cheap holidays to Mauritius can be booked on the Internet without too much difficulty.

Check out the Rates and Travel Packages at Various Discount Travel Sites Online

Therefore, you can obtain cheap travel to Mauritius by looking at the discount airline and hotel offerings online. Check out the costs for Mauritius travel packages on sites such as Price Line, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, and Expedia.

Call a Travel Representative

You may also want to call a local travel representative or agency directly to find affordable holiday travel to Mauritius.

Cheap Holiday Packages usually Cover a Week’s Stay or 7 Days

Many cheap holidays to Mauritius include packages for six nights at four-star resort lodging and include sightseeing tours as well. Economy class airfare is part of the package as well as meals, such as breakfast and dinner.

You can Locate Inexpensive Travel Packages with Tour Options Too

For example, if you choose a cheap holiday with a tour option, you might visit nearby lagoons and islands by speed boat or take a catamaran cruise. Tours usually include a trip to the North Island where you can visit Port Louis, the capital, and enjoy its French colonial architecture. You may also visit the South Island, where you can see the crater of a now-extinct volcano. During a week’s stay, tours are usually conducted of the nearby sights during three of the seven days.

Relaxing on the Beach

At other times, you can soak up the sun on Mauritius beaches, looking out over waters colored in varying hues of indigo and turquoise. Whether you want to lay back in the shade of a palm or swim in the cooling waters, you will find the landscape and experience relaxing and serene.

Luxurious and Affordable Accommodations

Choosing an economical holiday does not mean you have to make sacrifices with respect to your accommodations either. You can book packages, as mentioned, that include resort accommodations that feature such amenities as balconies that either look out over lush, tropical gardens or provide sea or mountain views. In addition, LCD TVs with cable, air conditioning, and onsite spas and restaurants are all usually standard. Therefore, you can book a luxurious hotel room at a reasonable price. It’s no wonder that Mauritius attracts a variety of people, including water sport enthusiasts, honeymooners, business travelers, and families.

Numerous Sports Activities

Besides enjoying the beaches and sightseeing, tourists who book cheap holidays on Mauritius can play golf, horseback ride, play tennis and participate in a number of recreational activities on the water, including jet skiing, fishing, surfing, sailing, and snorkeling.

Meals are Typically Included in Travel Packages

As stated, meals are included in economical travel packages too, which means you’ll be able to savor the tasty Mauritian cuisine. Because the island is made up of people with a variety of cultural backgrounds, Mauritian food can consist of fare from Europe, China, India, and Africa.

A Number one Travel Destination

Given its climate, variety of activities, and affordability, travelers today have found that Mauritius is a number one place to stay and spend a holiday.

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