Tips to Pass CPA Exam

In order for you to become a Certified Public Accountant, it is important that you are able to pass the CPA exam mandated by the State Boards of Accountancy National Association. However, it is also required of you to take a 150-hour extra study time in your undergraduate or graduate level schooling. Regardless if you live in Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands, Guam, or Northern Mariana Island you have to fully understand the state requirements and take the CPA exam. As a prerequisite, it is very important that you have a bachelor’s degree, which concentrates on heavy accounting courses.

The Certified Public Accounts in the American Institute is responsible for conducting the exam wherein the CPA exam questions are broken down into several different areas. First is the “Financial Accounting and Reporting” which challenges the examinees to answer questions on basic financial and management statements along with different kinds of transactions whether it is a profit or non-profit organization. Second are the questions of “Regulation” which deals with all Federal Taxation, purchase of property, business law, and ethics. The third one would be the questions on “Auditing and Attestation” which challenges the students on their document and information collection skills.

The last part would be the “Business Environment and Concepts” which tackle questions on business models, financial management, and various information technologies today.

Before taking the actual test, you have to look into different study options. You have the choice to study the free CPA exam questions, which can help you review for your exams. Take note that you are allowed to take your exams as a whole or choose to take each part individually. Generally speaking, you have an 18-month window to complete all the requirements of the exam. If you don't pass all four sections within that timeframe, you need to take the expired exam again if you really want to have your CPA accreditation.

In essence, you can expect a lot of multiple-choice questions during your exams. A perfect example of a question you will face would be “Which requirements must be met in order to have an existing valid partnership? A.) Legal co-ownership in business properties; or B.) Co-ownership in profits in a business?” There will be a lot of situational questions, which will require you to tackle different spreadsheets and database researching. It is a must that you maximize your judgment and analysis skills if you want to pass this exam.

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