Top 10 New DVD Movies Releases Of 2011

For those building up their DVD collection, keeping track of all those released can be quite a task. Every month sees a host of movies released in DVD format and almost all of them look enticing enough to own. If you are looking for some really good dvd movie releases to own, then here are some new movies on dvd that you can consider adding to your collection. Some of these movies made it to the hit lists of the year when they were originally released. From their popularity, it is safe to say that many of them will be considered the most popular dvds of 2011.

Top 10 DVD Movie Releases

1. X-Men First class – This is the movie that shows where it all began. Before Wolverine and his claws of steel came about, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr were two young men exploring their new found powers. They were very close friends prior to taking on the avatars of Professor X and Magneto. They worked closely with Mutants, some of whom are present in other movies. First class explores the rift that separated them and the start of the war between Brotherhood and X-MEN.

2. Rio – Blu is a macaw that found his way to the arms of Linda, a little girl who loves him, pampers him and raises him to be a domesticated but smart bird. He cannot fly and is quite comfortable being an assistant in Linda’s bookstore. However, Tulio, a bumbling ornithologist, explains to Linda how Blu is one of the last of his kind and convinces her to take Blu to Jewel, the only female of his species left in Rio de Janeiro. In a hilarious series of events, Blu escapes with Linda and then its life on the road for the bird who has never seen a macaw’s life as it should be.

3. Cars 2 – In this second part of the Car series, racecar super star Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater go international to take part in the World Grand Prix. Though Lightning is confident of his ability to grab the title, many things get in his way. He is entangled in an international espionage ring. His friendship with Mater and his country bumpkin ways are tested. The movie has a very James Bond-like aura to it and it is an absolute delight.

4. Tangled – Rapunzel has spent 18 years locked away in her tower. She believes it is for her own good and for the magical powers her hair possesses. However, she longs to see the outside world, especially the floating lights that appear each year on her birthday. When a bandit finds his way into her tower, she is emboldened enough to step out and discover the world for herself. A lot of adventure lies along the way including bandits, horses with attitude and the discovery of her true identity.

5. True Grit -  This is the story of how a little 14-year old farm girl, Mattie Ross sets out to find her father’s killer and bring him to justice. She hires Reuben J Cogburn, the US marshal most feared in the area and a man with “true grit.” On her part, she follows Cogburn through his degenerate lifestyle of alcohol abuse, sloppiness and general ugliness. This does not really help her believe in him. However, they plow on in search of Tom Chaney, the murderer and are joined by a Texas Ranger who is after Chaney for his own vested interests. True Grit offers you a curious mix of characters to watch unfold on screen.

6. Dumbo -  An all-time children’s classic about little Dumbo who is made fun of at the circus for his enormous ears. Wile trying to protect him, his mother is punished and locked up. Left to his own devices, Dumbo with his little mouse friend sets out to prove to everyone in the circus that he is no ordinary elephant. Dumbo discovers his ability to fly and that sets him off on an adventure.

7. An Invisible Sign -  When life took a bad turn for Mona Grey, she turned to mathematics. It was her escape from the illness that her father was suffering from. It became the focal point of her life and she soon became a teacher in mathematics. The story of the movie follows the life of Mona and how she helps her students deal with their own individual crises.

8. Today’s Special - A story with some great flavor. Samir has big dreams of being the sous chef at the uptown Manhattan restaurant he is working at. However, on being passed for a promotion, he quits rather impulsively with an announcement that he is going to France to apprentice under a master chef there. However, fate has something else in store for him and he is forced to take over the ailing family restaurant in Jackson Heights when his father has a heart attack.

9. Area 51 - Area 51 has been in the news for an eternity and not succumbing to public pressure, the American government allows a select group of journalists to gain some limited access to the area. However, one of the alien residents in the area decides to use this opportunity to launch himself and his comrades to freedom, turning this one time expedition into something horrific.

10. Transformers 3 – Dark side of the moon – This is the 3rd part of the Transformers trilogy and is an absolute must in male DVD collections. Just as in the first two movies, the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons continue. The Autobots discover that one of their Cybertronian crafts has been found hidden on the Moon. They race the Decepticons to get to it first and uncover its secrets. On it, they find one of their own who was once a leader on their planet. Reviving him unleashes a series of events that leaves the Autobots stunned and the humans caught in the crossfire.

Update September 2011: Below is another popular 2011 DVD movie release:

11. Bridesmaids - Starring Kristin Wig, Terry Crews, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne, this critically acclaimed rom-com depicts struggling bakery owner Annie and her journey of the maid of honor for her best friend, Lillian. In contrast to Annie, Lillian's other friend Helen is rich and successful but she has eyes set on taking the maid of honor role. Bridesmaids has been described as "Sex in The City m,eets Hangover" and has received very positive reviews from magazines and critics. It has a large internet following and scores highly on Amazon and IMDB.

These are some of the best DVD releases this year and there is something here for every member of the family, making them absolute must-haves for anyone’s collection.

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