Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts

Personalized Gifts are Always Appreciated

When it comes to buying unusual christening gifts or unique gifts for boys and girls, personalization is often included to add meaning to the gift as well as the occasion. While a baptism gown is one of the usual gifts for babies, keepsakes in the form of unique or unusual christening gifts for boys and girls are always appreciated too.

#1 – A Christening Medallion

For example, among unique or unusual christening gifts for godson or goddaughter is a personalized medallion for baby’s crib. Typically costing around $20.00, the medallion is engraved with the baby’s name and date of christening. You can choose from medallions with blue or pink ribbons, which can be shown on the wall in baby’s nursery. Medallions usually measure about two inches in diameter and come in a drawstring bag made of black velvet. One of the unusual christening gifts, sure to touch the hearts of the parents of a newborn, a medallion is a unique way to show your love and friendship.

#2 – A Bauble for Baby or #3 – A Paperweight

Or, you might consider a personalized bauble. This type of christening keepsake is generally made of glass and is ideal for hanging on the tree at Christmastime or in the china cabinet any other day. Likewise, you might like to select a glass paperweight as your choice for a christening present. A nice gift to give a parent that he can display and use as well, it can remind him of his child’s christening throughout the years.

#4 – Christening Candles

Parents, too, like to receive candles that have been personalized. Your best color choice in this category is white. Have it engraved with the date of christening and the child’s birth name – a memorable gift idea that will be always be treasured by the recipients.

#5 – A Christening Present for a Girl

Maybe not one of the unique or unusual christening gifts for baby but nonetheless, well-liked, is a personalized bracelet. This is a gift idea that is well-suited as a present for a girl’s christening – a present that she can wear when she is older that can be appreciated over the passing of time.

#6 – A Personalized Bib

Among the top 10 unusual christening gifts, baby bibs are also nice christening presents. Pick white bibs for either girl or boy – their name embroidered in white thread on the front of the tiny apron. Or, pick your own personalization in one of a variety of thread colors, such as pink, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, lavender, silver, or gold.

#7 – Shoe Wear

Shoe wear for christening is another good choice. Choose satin shoes with a Velcro closure for boys or white canvas Mary Janes for baby girls. Personalize the uppers or straps of the shoes with baby’s name in white thread embroidery.

# 8 – A Small Plush Lamb Blanket

Another nice embroidered, personalized christening gift for boy or girl is a plush lamb in the form of a blanket. A nice security cover, the lamb blanket will warm baby as well as the hearts of the parents to whom it is given. Usually made of acrylic with satin trim, these kinds of blankets are convenient to carry (a little over a twelve inches in length) so they are easy to use, and won’t bunch up too much when baby is being carried. This kind of blanket, or a cover that is similar in style, is the perfect gift for car trips, or when a larger blanket is not required.

# 9 – A Baby Tee

Or, you may want to select a blue or pink tee as a christening gift. Customize the little tee with baby’s name and add an applique of lace angel wings with pink or blue bows as accents.

#10 – A Baby Afghan

One cherished christening gift that is sure to please is a personalized afghan. Have baby’s name embroidered on the blanket along with the christening date. Most afghans are made of 100% cotton and come with a fringed edge. Afghans can be used as decorative displays in baby’s nursery, or, of course, for cuddling too.

Gifts are Just that Much more Unique when they are Personalized

Needless to see, you have a number of choices from which to choose for baby’s christening day. And, when gifts are personalized, it just makes them all the more special and unique.

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