Top 3 Presents for Dad

#1 Gift for Dad – “[Item or Food of the] Month Club” Gifts

Presents for Dads are available that are well-suited to your Dad’s personal interests and lifestyle. For example, you can pick from a number of “[Item or Food of the] Month Club” gifts that Dad is sure to love. For instance, if Dad enjoys the occasional fine cigar, then he will no doubt like a “Cigar of the Month Club” gift.

With this selection, Dad will receive five cigars that have been specially rolled by hand that contain various tobacco blends. You can buy this gift for three months, six months, or for a year or twelve months. Or, you can pick a “Cigar of the Season” gift, which will give Dad different cigar selections for each season of the year. Cigars come from such regions as Ecuador and the Dominican Republic and are guaranteed as select choices from those countries.

Of course, cigars are not for everyone, so you might want to opt for “[Item or Food of the] Month Club” presents for Dads in the form of, say, a Sirloin of the Month Club or a Pizza of the Month Club present. Dad will enjoy receiving prime cuts of steak, such as rib-eyes, New York strip, and filets or a variety of gourmet, deep-dish style pizzas each month for three month, six month, or twelve month blocks of time. A Necktie of the Month Club gift is always appreciated by Dads who are executives, professionals, or in upper management too. Other ““[Item or Food of the] Month Club” gifts include barbecue sauce, cheesecake, and jerky in selections, such as venison, elk or buffalo.

#2 Gift for Dad – A Solar-Powered Weather Forecaster

Another top gift selection for any Dad who is a weather buff is a solar-powered weather forecaster. Therefore, Dad will not have to change batteries on this climate gauge and weather prognosticator. With its backlight, Dad can quickly obtain temperature and humidity readings. In addition, icons on the forecaster detail what to expect as far as sun, rain, or cloud conditions. An alarm on the gadget also alerts Dad about mold spore formation as well. Not only that, the device comes equipped with a clock and calendar too.

#3 Gift for Dad – An Item that Dad can Use outside of Work

Another one of the top presents for Dads you might want to consider is based on your Dad’s avocational pursuits. For example, themed gifts for Dads that are into healthy eating and fitness might include a digital pedometer, insulated thermos, swim goggles, or a digital food scale for weighing portion sizes. If Dad has a bad back, then he may like an inversion table to alleviate the associated aches and pains.  Or, if Dad is a do-it-yourselfer, then he may like a shop vac or like an electronic device for monitoring electricity usage. For Dads who are do-it-yourselfers as well as musically inclined, kits are available for making such instruments as small guitars and ukuleles too.

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