Top 3 Puppy Toys for Sale

Kids and puppies  share one thing in common: they both love to play! Like kids, dogs love to move around and put anything they can see into their mouths. Puppies do love to chew. If you have pet dogs at home, you probably have noticed that they are fond of chewing anything within their reach: shoes, slippers, throw pillows, and other home accessories. Chewing is their nature and is helpful in the normal process of their development. Instead of putting away all potentially stimulating stuffs in your home, why not give them toys that they can grind? It is essential to give them outlets for their natural habit of chewing. Moreover, they should be provided with the opportunity to play and explore. Toys can suit these needs. In addition, toys for puppies will keep them busy while you are not around to watch after them.There are many puppy toys available in the market nowadays and you might be confused which ones to buy. Here are the best rated puppy toys that any puppy would surely enjoy.

Puppy Toy Reviews

The Kong Puppy Teething  Stick Dog Toy is made of gentle rubber that makes it safe for puppies to chew on. It can be used by your pet to ease their sore gums. Since it is made of soft rubber, it bounces, making it suitable to be used as a play toy and a chew toy all at the same time. Moreover, you can put a tiny treat inside the product and let your dog remove it by chewing on it which will help promote strong and healthy teeth.

This product is perfect for dogs with ages two to nine months. If your dog is a small type of breed, he/she can also enjoy regardless the age.

Sturdy yet soft, the Puppy Kong Stuff-A-Ball is another good choice of toy for puppies as well. It suits dogs aging from two to nine months and small dogs of all ages.

It's a multi purpose toy which stimulates your dog's thinking and promotes health by encouraging cardio exercise which is essential for controlling weight and increasing the strength of bones.

A good way of using it is to hide a treat inside so that your puppy tries to find a way to release it from the ball. This great for problem solving skills and it can very enjoyable to watch.

Grriggles Hide-A-Treat Giggler Ball is another educational toy for your growing puppies. Its functions are basically the same with the first two mentioned earlier. You can hide a treat inside the ball and you dog will have to find a way to remove it. For a tougher challenge, try to put the treat in the middlemost part of the ball. It is also made of soft rubber that is perfect for their delicate gums. Plus, if he/she suffers from swollen gums, the toy can help ease the discomfort.

As the owner, you certainly would want to give your dog the best of everything, including toys to play. Do not just give them any toy. There are essential factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right toy for your pets. You have to check the size: make sure that it will be big enough to avoid the risk of swallowing and aspiration yet it should be small enough for them to carry it using their mouths. Select toys that are fun and safe all at the same time.

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