Top 5 Stag Weekend Ideas

One Memorable Event

There once was a time when a stag party was carried out during one night of partying. However, this type of activity has extended into a weekend affair, also known as a stag weekend. Therefore, there are plenty of stag weekend ideas floating around to make your two or three-day party one memorable event.

A Mini-type Holiday

First, you will want to plan where to hold the party. In the UK, such mini-type holidays can take place in such locations as London, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and Bournemouth. Sometimes stag weekends are held in places outside the UK, such as Dublin, Budapest, or Amsterdam. The parties consist of a number of fun daytime activities followed by evenings with participants enjoying a night out on the town. As a result, stag weekend ideas abound for daytime and nighttime events and activities.

Two Fun Ideas: Play Paintball or Drive a Lamborghini

For example, you might include paintballing on the itinerary for some daytime fun. After all, nothing can be more exhilarating than shooting your friends with paintballs, especially the groom-to-be. Another activity that you will, not doubt, enjoy is arranging a supercar day at a local track. This type of activity enables the stag to drive a car that he will probably not be driving anytime too soon or in the future. Choose from such metal masterpieces as the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or Porsche.

The Top Third Idea: Play a Round of Golf

Or, during the day, you might want to play a round of golf. Playing golf in Edinburgh is often a good place to select as greens fees are generally reduced at many golf courses. Of course, playing on the 18-hole golf courses in Belfry and St. Andrews can be enjoyable too. It just depends what activities you are incorporating into your itinerary.

Another One of the Stag Weekend Ideas – #4 - Bungee Jumping

For nightlife activities, cities that are quite hospitable in this regard include Edinburgh and London. Of course, you may also want to plan a thrilling activity such as bungee jumping in your plans during the day as well.

#5 – Visiting the Horse Track and/or Playing Poker

Or, you might prefer to spend the day at the horse track. Don’t gamble all the money away though as you will need it later when playing, say, a rousing game of poker.

Talking about Old Times or the Single Life

Usually, the best man organizes a stag weekend or it is managed by the participants for the event. You can make it a surprise party or a planned event. Just make sure that the occasion offers plenty of ways to bond and talk about the old times of singlehood. After all, this is probably the last weekend of freedom the stag will probably enjoy before he has to tie the knot once and for all.

Planning the Weekend

Probably, it’s easier to think of ideas and plan such a party if everyone gets together to plan the events for the weekend. That way, all the participants involved can be a part of the process.

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