Top Brands for Mini Dirt Bikes

It is easy to find cheap mini bikes for sale in a used motorbike shop. By buying a used bike, you can save several hundred dollars from having to buy the same bike brand new. Before purchasing, remember to as the owner what type of maintenance is needed for the bike and if it has been in any accidents before. This information is vital for determining how long the bike will last in the future.


Yamaha is the premium manufacturer of dirt bikes and mini bikes for sale. Their products are quite cheap and built with top quality design and materials. Although Yamaha mainly specializes in full sized bikes, their mini bike market is also very popular. These small bikes are very powerful and can be customized by owners to provide faster speeds and more fun.

The PW80 is an excellent mini bike designed by Honda. It only costs $1299, yet it is capable of impressive stunts if you know how to drive it properly. Although it does not pack as much punch as a full sized 500cc Yamaha dirt bike, it has more than enough power for kids and adults who are getting used to the basics of riding dirt bikes.


Honda is the main competitor for Yamaha and one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. If you want a high quality bike with good performance, Honda is an excellent choice. Honda mini bikes are sold all over the world and are available in numerous sizes, speeds, and shapes. If you are a newbie getting used to off-road driving basics, purchase the CRF50F that is equipped with a 49cc engine. If you have a bit of extra money to throw around and want a more exciting dirt bike experience, purchase the CRF100F with a 100cc engine and a quality suspension system.

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