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Pet insurance is not a new concept nor is it entirely a new product. It has been around since 1947 in Britain but only gained popularity in the United States in 1982. At present, Sweden has the most number of pets insured seconded only by Britain. Its policy works basically like a property insurance. Once the pet receives care or has died, the owner prepares a claim and will be reimbursed by the insurance company once approved.

Coverage is generally composed of two categories: the non-lifetime and the lifetime. The non-lifetime coverage normally includes all conditions at the initial purchase. Successive renewals, however, excludes those ailments or conditions that were already claimed during the previous policy year. If the pet got sick with a disease that was already excluded, the owner will have to foot the bill himself. The second category, the lifetime coverage, does not exclude conditions that were already claimed though reimbursements shall be subject to limits such as on a per condition basis or on a per year basis.

When choosing an insurance for your dog, examine and compare insurance companies as if you were choosing your own insurance. Consider the following:

  1. The record and financial position of the underwriter to make sure that it can pay your claim when the time arises.
  2. Understand the policy conditions, coverage limits, and other exclusions that might shortchange you.
  3. Compare the costs and its structures since different companies have different financial strategies that would affect their premium prices.
  4. Always ask if you have lingering doubts. It is better to address the question before you have the coverage, otherwise, correcting it later would be more costly.

One of the largest pet insurance company in the Unites States today is Veterinary Pet Insurance. It is also the oldest pet insurance company in the US having sold their first policy in 1982 for Lassie. It covers common and exotic pets from standard accidents, sickness, emergency, routine and preventative care. Sometime ago coverage does not include vaccinations and neutering but today even alternative healthcare is now integrated in the policy.

Another company that has an established record as a pet insurance company is Pethealth. It is also known by several other names as PETCO, ShelterCare and UnionPlus. It claims to be the largest major medical insurance in Canada and the second largest in North America.

Hartville Group, Inc. was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1997 to provide pet insurance through its arm Hartville Pet Health Insurance. They offer up to 80% reimbursement of usual and customary covered charges through 4 levels of coverage – accident, illness, wellness and wellness plus.

These companies have built their reputations as dependable pet insurance companies through the years. Choosing from among them will always be a matter of personal choice and the requirements of the pet dog. It would also be prudent to ask other pet owners regarding their insurance companies and the ease of processing reimbursement requests to help you in your decision making.

The exigencies of today are brought about by the rapid changes in technology and lifestyle. Having an insurance to protect your pets will definitely help in alleviating whatever financial burdens you may incur in your pet’s upkeep. This added security will give you a greater freedom in managing not only your life but also your pet’s as well.

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