Top Dog Training Tips

Dog training can be simple as long as some key factors are uppermost in the owners mind. Understand the mentality of the dog. Dogs are pack animals and in the absence of an actual dog pack, the dog looks to the human as the leader of the pack. The dog always knows who is in charge. If the owner does not take responsibility for that leadership then the dog will take over the household, which can then lead to destructive behaviors.

Be consistent in your efforts. Once a command is given, action must immediately follow. Just like a child, a dog must know that there are consequences for failure to listen. Inconsistency is confusing to a dog. If a dog is confused it will do, what it wants to do and become the boss in the relationship.

Do not expect too much. Break the training into small increments, taking a step at a time. Do not advance to a new task until the dog has mastered the task before. Asking too much leads to confusion.

Keep emotions in check. Do not begin the training session when angry, or emotionally upset in anyway. Anger and frustration can lead to abuse.

Treat the dog like a dog. Many humans are needy and look to their dog to get the love and affection they lack from their human counterparts. Set limits, and be consistent. Its okay to love a dog, just remember, a dog is not a substitute for a human being.

Dogs need consistent exercise. Do not expect the dog to listen after it has been in the house all day waiting for the owner to come home. A hyperactive dog cannot listen and will become frustrated. Frustration can become aggression.

Dog training can be fun and rewarding, or it can become a frustrating endeavor. It all depends on the human in charge.

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