Top Tips for Buying a Secure Cycle Shelter

Investing in a cycle shelter for your workplace can involve considerable sums of money, it is therefore very important that you get it right. Failing to do so could result in bicycle being stolen and this would deter people from using the cycle shelter at all. A cycle shelter that is not used is a complete waste of money and space so this outcome should obviously be avoided.


The position of the cycle shelter is critical to its security. Position the cycle shelter in the most overlooked position possible. If the shelter is overlooked the it is far less likely that it will become a target of theive – there are not many thieves that will run the risk of being caught so this opportunity should be capitalised on.

A locking door

If people lock their bike up in the shed and the door is lockable then this is almost the ideal solutions. All secure cycle shelters should feature a lockable door but what sort of lock should you opt for?  If the bicycle storage shed is only going to be used by a few people then you could look at getting a lock that is operated by a key. If you expect that your cycle shelter is going to be used by more than ten people then you would probably be well advised to go for a combination lock so that you do not have to give everyone a set of keys.

Protection from the elements

Protection from the weather is something else that needs to be considered, cycling home with a wet saddle is not a joy for anybody. You also need to think about what it does to the bike if it were exposed to the elements all day every day – it's not going to last too long at all. I would suggest buying a cycle shelter that has a minimum of three enclosed sides and a roof.

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