Touchpad Mouse Reviews

Eliminate the hassle of dragging the mouse on your desktop and protect your wrists from undue strain and injury. Use your finger and enjoy using the computer with touchpad mouse.

Touchpad mouse comes in a small square appearance. Just point and move your finger lightly on its surface, the device senses it, and the cursor moves accordingly. Unlike traditional mouse, the touchpad does not need to be moved in order to work. You can just put it anywhere in front of the computer and it requires minimal force. As a result, stress on fingers, wrist, and arm is minimized.

The device uses a technology termed as field distortion sensing. Layers of fine electrical conductors are incorporated within the item that creates an electrical field on the surface. When you place your finger across the pad, the touched part in the electrical field becomes distorted. It scans and senses the touch of your finger. The movement of the cursor follows the direction of your fingertip along the surface of the device. In order to use this effectively, you need to have good control of your finger. Its functions are similar with the traditional  mouse. You can perform command actions but unlike typical mouse that uses click gesture, this new touchpad only requires the use of finger tips. You can still zoom, scroll, and navigate menus and pages with ease.

There are many advantages in using the device. For one, it is ideal if you have to use computer for a long time. You have to know that wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome is highly attributed to repetitive and long-time use of typical computer mouse. The product can protect you from such risks. With this, you won’t have to worry about such wrist injuries because primarily, you do not have to bend your wrists that could damage the underlying nerves. You definitely do not have to grasp and move it along the desktop. It only needs less force and lets you use it with your hands and arms in different angles. Moreover, it can also be placed in a neutral position in front of you. In this way, you do not have to position it exclusively to one side thus, giving you the opportunity to use the device with both hands.

Another big advantage of the product is that it does not require a big space unlike the typical mouse. Most touchpad mice are just few square inches big. A typical mouse needs extra space for it to be dragged around. With this item, space won’t have to be a problem. This is why touchpads are used in laptops.

Finally, the item offers an improved control level. Although it may take some time before you get used to the device, you will definitely see this touchpad product as a more convenient alternative to other pointing tools.

Various types of  touchpads are available today. In choosing one, you have to consider the following factors. Be sure to pick a cushion that allows a convenient hand position. You also have to see to it that the machine conforms the contour of the wrist. Do not forget to select a pad that is soft. Gel material is usually soft and comfortable. Harder materials need more force. Thus, with softer pad, less effort is required.

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