Traditional Shower Designs With A Twist

Twists give otherwise bland objects a different fun dimension. A boring detective story, for example, would remain to be boring unless the twist of the police chief who was actually involved with the murders is employed. It is this take on the ordinary which places the entire matter in a new and exciting light.

Traditional shower designs with twists are on the same level of excitement. Imagine your usual shower set up but with an extraordinary tweak. Wouldn’t that be unusual and exciting? Here are a few twists on the regular shower design concepts.

The mechanics of a walk-in shower is quite simple. There is a shower head and the water which flows from the head is absorbed by the drain. The space is enclosed so that the water from the shower head does not go to the other parts of the bathroom. In order to make this bland set up work, there must be something new to spice things. Such an exciting idea comes to us in the form waterproof shower decals. Imagine a 360 degree scene, that you’d like to be in. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a good scene would be that of sky diver’s - free falling at a high altitude. Have the view printed through the decals and have the decals placed all around your shower enclosure. The feeling you will get, thus, would be like free falling while on the shower.

Shower cubicles are nice, but don’t you just wish that there was more to it than just standing against a wall shower head? Try using overhead shower heads for shower cubicles in order to create a refreshing vibe while showering. To be more aesthetic, try designing the sides of the shower space and putting something decorative instead of just the boring side ends of your tiles. A good idea would be to situated a dug out that will be filled with small stones. That way, showering would feel like bathing outdoors under the rain.

There are many other traditional bathroom ideas that can be twisted into something new and unique. Have you got any ideas of your own?

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