Tria and Silk’n Laser Hair Removal Devices

Both the Tria laser and the Silk'n SensEpil have received FDA approval in the US and are now able to market as at-home laser hair removal devices. The Tria is approved to market permanent hair removal and the Silk'n is approved to claim permanent hair reduction. Both devices have proven their safety to the FDA.

Perform home laser hair removal to benefit from the privacy offered by home treatments. Forget traveling to the salon and fighting for appointment slots when you control your own treatments. Enjoy the lower cost of home treatments when compared to professional treatments. Home laser hair removal devices are not as powerful as professional machines, so more home treatments may be necessary to fully remove unwanted hair. However, the longer treatment time may be outweighed by the benefits of time and money savings over professional treatments.

The Tria laser and the Silk'n SensEpil both work by targeting the pigment in the hair to heat the hair follicle enough to destroy it. These systems target dark pigment, leaving the surrounding, light-colored skin unharmed. When the skin is darker or tanned, the pigment in the skin can be heated by the laser along with the hair causing burns. For this reason, laser hair removal at home is limited to individuals with dark hair and light skin. Professional machines can be adjusted by a professional technician to offer laser hair removal for a wider range of skin tones. This technology cannot currently be offered for home use because of safety concerns.

When considering the Tria vs Silk'n for laser hair removal, understand that the devices are very similar but they use different technology. The Tria is a diode laser, while the Silk'n uses intense pulse light (IPL) technology. The diode laser was the first type of laser developed for hair removal and IPL is newer, more expensive technology.

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