Trust in Relationships: Trusting After You’ve Been Burned

If you've been burned in a relationship recently or at some point in your life, if you haven't moved on from that, chances are you're still harboring negative feelings.  These feelings can be completely destructive to your entire self, not to mention your current or next relationship.  So what are some ways you can move forward?

You first need to forgive the other person for what they did.  Realize that cheating is a purely selfish action, it has nothing to do with you.  They weren't thinking of anyone but themselves so stop blaming yourself.  Even if the relationship was rocky, that does not give them the right to cheat.  So, forgive them because in all reality it will make YOU feel better inside.

After forgiveness comes the healing, the best part!  Once you start healing in your mind, you'll feel better overall.  If you need to, go to the library or a bookstore and start reading!  This can be the best thing for you.  I've read at least 2 books that have completely changed my entire life.  Words can help you heal and now is the time to open your eyes, your mind and your heart and allow yourself to heal properly.

If you're currently married and trust is the reason it's not working, perhaps some outside help may be beneficial as well.  You can go for christian marriage counseling or some other form of counseling.  Whatever you do, it's good to get advice from someone outside the marriage who's able to hear both sides.

Trust in a relationship can be difficult even if you haven't been hurt in the past.  Just know that you can trust some people simply because there are decent human beings out there who would never cheat.  Realize this, forgive anyone who's done you wrong and move forward with your life!  It's definitely time.

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