Types of Harry Potter Games for Kids

If you are looking for some Harry Potter games for kids to play, we have some suggestions you may want to consider.  Whether you are looking for a game for a young child 0r something that would be more appropriate for teenagers (or even adults!), our suggestions can help.

Trivia Games

One of the most popular games that has a Harry Potter theme is the game Scene It!  This game is played using a regular DVD player, and it involves players or teams taking turns answering trivia questions based on the books and movies.  The clue may be a simple question or a short film clip, and the team that answers the question correctly.  If your kids are familiar with all of the Harry Potter spells and the names of the books, this game might be right up their alley.  As a bonus, this game is great for a party, since players can be divided into teams, so any number of players may play at once.

Legos Games

For younger kids, there are several different Legos games that have a Harry Potter theme.  This may be surprising to many people who think of Legos only as a little toy that is used to build things.  At some point, the makers of Legos added characters, and then even went beyond that to turn the play into an actual game with rules.  Players still use the traditional Legos to build things, but they take turns and roll dice and work cooperatively or against each other to build the structure.  These games are VERY popular with young players.

For Teens

If your kids are a little older, they will probably enjoy the many different varieties of computer games.  Most of these games can be bought for almost any of the most popular game systems, including Wii and Playstation.

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