UK Royal Wedding Souvenirs

The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William has brought a level of excitement not seen in the United Kingdom in decades. Royal weddings are extremely rare, but royal weddings featuring a future King are even rarer. Still, it is something Prince William may have expected; his mother's wedding to Prince Charles brought the same level of international attention. Even if the royal family tried to down play the ceremony, tens of thousands of well wishers will flock to London's streets. Even more will be watching on television.

With the increased amount of attention, there is also an increase in popularity for royal commemorative items. UK royal wedding souvenirs have already started appearing online. These items range for the standard coffee cup or tea mug to the silly and obscene. If a person can think of a certain product, there is likely somebody else thinking about how they can place Kate and Williams face on it and charge a hefty price. This is not to demean those seeking UK royal wedding souvenirs.

A royal wedding is always a moment in British history. Many want mementos to remember the occasion, something they can possibly show their children one day. The desire for some sort of memorabilia is not lost on Prince William and Kate Middleton. The two have already approved "official" UK royal wedding souvenirs. These items include a pillbox, a tankard, and a plate. Also, these items feature the couple's initials and the wedding date, April 29, 2011. All three items have been crafted out of fine ceramics, and they have been made by artisans under the direction of Buckingham Palace and Prince William's office.

William and the royal family are not seeking to pocket any profits off of these three items. All proceeds will benefit the Royal Collection, a non-profit charity that preserves and maintains the royal family's collection art and historical artifacts. As an archive, many of these items have histories dating back centuries. This is one of the top news that has been listed in all celebrity and fashion style blogs.

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