Underwater Camera Review – Which Underwater Camera Should You Buy?

It feels so great to remember those important and special events in our lives. We keep those beautiful photographs we have taken which serve as our tangible sweet memories. To capture great moments with our loved ones, it is important for you to have a camera of your own. From parks to beaches, taking pictures is absolutely a lot fun. Even up in the sky or underwater, it is so enjoyable to capture those happy memories. If you plan to go underwater or scuba diving, you must bring with you an underwater camera. It is a camera that can be used even underwater without damaging it.

Talking about this type of camera, there is a wide variety of brands and models you can choose from. A good underwater type camera must have quality features. It must have a great to excellent image quality. Imagine how nice it is to keep crystal clear photos in your albums. It is also important for this camera type to be pocket- sized which is needed when it is used topside. One qualification is that it must be point and shoot easy and at the same time, features intermediate to advanced controls. Underwater housing should easily work with underwater strobes and accommodate wide angle lenses.

Three of the most popular brands when it comes to this type of camera are Canon, Olympus, and Sea and Sea. These three offer models that are perfect for taking quality pictures underwater.  Olympus FE-360, Canon SD- 940 and Sea & Sea 1200HD. These models are the best picks in terms of pocket size and automatic category. These are also low cost camera plus housing of which the prices range from $179 to $599. These cameras produce great images and feature an exposure compensation control which permits the photographer to brighten or darken the image. Olympus FE-360 is ideally paired with the Olympus PT-044 housing, Canon SD- 940 with Canon WP-DC33 underwater housing, and Sea & Sea 1200HD camera with Sea & Sea 1200HD housing.

For Intermediate and Advanced Cameras, top three models are Canon G11, Sea & Sea DX- 2G and Canon S90. These cameras are ideal when it comes to top image quality and durability. Easy automatic exposure if featured with these models and as well as intermediate to advanced manual controls for the photographer. Except tiny Canon S90, these do not slip into the pocket. Canon G11 is the best advanced compact in class with superior image quality and easy ergonomics. Perfect housings for this camera are Fisheye FIX G11, Ikelite G11 and Canon WP- DC34. Sea & Sea DX- 2G is paired with Sea & Sea DX- 2G housing. It is known for its very short shutter delay and good manual control options. Canon S90 is best paired with suitable housings like Fisheye FIX S90, Ikelite S90 and Canon WP-DC35. Some of this camera’s features include good imaging sensor, shorter zoom range, shortcut button, and others.

All of the cameras of different brand names and models mentioned above are few of the number of underwater type cameras you need to purchase due to their proven high quality feature essential for the production of premium quality photographs which you will surely love to cherish for the rest of your life.

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