Unfinished Oak Furniture To Beautify A Bedroom

Homeowners looking to beautify their bedroom with a natural, elegant look should consider adding unfinished oak furniture in their bedroom. Since it is an expensive wood, homeowners can save on redecorating their boudoir by purchasing unfinished items, which they can then finish to suit their tastes, and the theme of their room. While even unfinished oak can be costly, the price is worth it, since it is a very durable wood that will stand the tests of high traffic areas over a long period of time. In addition, it is an incredibly versatile wood that comes in shades from light gold to reddish gold.

When choosing new furniture for this area, a homeowner can further save money by choosing a stain for the new pieces that matches furniture already in this area, so not all items within the boudoir will have to be replaced to match the new additions. To make sure the stain a homeowner chooses matches perfectly, they should take a piece of scrap oak to their paint store, and ask the clerk to stain the scrap with different wood stain choices, and then label each wood stain choice. The homeowner can then compare these choices to their current furniture color to ensure the stain they choose for their new additions will match exactly.

Homeowners looking for an excellent selection of items should visit Rothman furniture to browse a wide variety of beds, dressers, and TV chests that are sure to beautify their bedroom. Rothman furniture offers solid white oak pieces in their Appalachian Oak collection, for instance, that can be customized to suit any decorating theme.

Homeowners considering a change in their boudoir décor should browse a wide variety of items, and a wide variety of wood stains, before deciding which accessories and colors will best suit their needs. While even unfinished oak may be a bit more costly than alternative woods, the benefits of this long-lasting, durable hardwood make a slightly higher price tag worth the lifetime of enjoyment and beauty homeowners will gain from the natural, classic look.

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