Unique and Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate Event Ideas Encourage the Planning of Activities that Increase Employee Morale

Who says you cannot combine work with play? If you are in charge of planning the events for your organization or corporation, you can find a number of ways to make an event memorable as well as enjoyable for all the participants. Events are planned to raise funds for charities, bring recognition to an organization or company, or show the staff appreciation in the way of a celebration during the holidays, such as Christmas.

A Way to Raise Money for Charity – A Golf Tournament

Among corporate event ideas, a golf event or tournament is often a popular activity. Even if some of the participants have not played golf or are not seasoned golfers, they will find it fun to mingle and watch the golfers play. Simply, a golf event is one of those fun corporate event ideas that makes for a relaxing and carefree day. This is one of those corporate event ideas too that is the perfect way to raise funds for a charitable organization or community cause.

A Unique Corporate Event Idea – a Team-building or Leadership Conference

Corporate activities can also involve team-building or leadership activities – conferences or events that give the learners a chance to combine thought-provoking activities with serious discussion, all which gives the participants an opportunity to hone their professional skills and have fun too.

A Company Picnic – Create a Carnival-type Atmosphere

Picnics are another one of those corporate event ideas that are sure to win the approval of the employees in your organization or company. Make this festive event even more festive by accenting it with a carnival-type atmosphere. Some of the items, foods, and beverages that you might want to include are:

  • Hot dogs
  • Lemonade
  • Ice Cream
  • A popcorn machine and popcorn
  • Caramel corn
  • Cotton candy
  • Calliope-type music
  • Performers, such as a magician or jugglers
  • Balloons

Ready, Set, Go . . .

Naturally, you will want to include relay races at the picnic too. For example, one relay race that is fun for both adults and kids involves using a large plastic plate and a ping pong ball. Have participants carry the plate with the ping pong ball on it like a waiter. The first team to finish the race in this manner is the winner.

Plan a Party

Speaking of themes – besides planning the regular celebration at Christmas, you might also want to give a holiday party to celebrate Mardi Gras or Halloween. Or, plan an evening where company employees can enjoy a charity event, such as a casino celebration, where participants place bets and win money for various charitable causes.

Esprit de Corps

Of course, everyone likes sports, so you might want to sponsor, say, a softball or basketball tournament. Or, choose to play paintball or have a tennis match. These kinds of activities will not only motivate employees but inspire them to work, while on the job, as a team.

Award Events – Showing Appreciation

It’s also thoughtful to plan events that center on awarding the people in your company – another way to boost morale in an organization. Present certificates of appreciation or trophies – good incentives as well as a nice way to thank employees for their efforts.

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