Unusual Gifts for Women – Timeless Choices

While the top three usual gifts for women usually include perfume, jewelry, or clothes,  many women have all they need in the way of these items so finding gifts for them can be somewhat of a challenge. Perhaps you should choose an unusual gift to help yours stand out?

Antique Prints or Collectibles

Of course, there are the timeless choices - appreciated whenever you choose to give them. Some of the gifts women appreciate are those that add a touch of sentimentality or nostalgia to the home environment. Therefore, look at an item that is not mass produced, but a unique item, such as an antique print or collectible.

A Shirley Temple Doll

For example, the lady in your life is sure to love a Shirley Temple 1930s antique doll made by the Ideal Toy Company. While the doll may exhibit a few demarcations because of age, or her eyes may be a bit cloudy, an old-fashioned composition doll of this type is sure to win a woman’s approval. And, with such an antique, the worth can only increase with the passing of time. You can buy many of these kinds of antique treasures on the eBay site – always the ideal (no pun intended) gift for the woman in your life.

Vintage Fairy Flower Prints

As mentioned, antique prints are appreciated too. For example, you can choose from a variety of flower fairy prints on the Internet. Vintage fairly prints can depict a number of lovely flowers, such as nasturtium, pink zinnias, yellow irises, pink and white candytufts, apple blossoms, and white jasmines.

Buy a Gift Certificate

Another nice gift for women that will no doubt be used is a gift certificate. Find out where she likes to shop and buy a gift certificate to that retailer. Or, choose a gift certificate from a retailer that she normally can’t afford, such as Tiffany’s. Gift certificates are certainly one gift that most women are not likely to return.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

Most women appreciate a sense of humor, so they will typically enjoy a gift that is silly or wacky in nature. For example, for a Valentine’s Day gift, present her with “Love at First Sight” spectacles. The pack comes with two glasses. What fun to cook a romantic dinner for two, light a couple candles, open some champagne, and wear the glasses while gazing affectionately at one another. Some of the spectacles come with holographic hearts to add just that much more romance to the occasion.

A Birthday Gift Idea

Another humorous birthday present that you might want to choose is an “Aged to Perfection” medal award. Any terrific looking woman who looks great for her age will certainly wear this special medal with distinction.

A Gift Basket instead of Flowers

Gift baskets too will meet with the approval of most women. Complement the foregoing top three types of gifts with a gift basket of cheese, chocolates, and fruit, and you certainly will not leave any stone unturned as far as gift giving is concerned.

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