Vets Prescribe Azodyl and Epakitin for CRF

You may have heard about the condition called chronic renal failure (CRF), a progression of its acute phase that has been left undetected or untreated. However, did you know that this can occur to your pets at home as well? Yes, you read it right. Due to almost the same reasons like improper diet, blunt injuries to the kidneys, or the intake of nephrotoxic substances, your furry canines and felines at home might just get sick with CRF.

Good to know that due to a lot of medical advancements these days, even though chronic renal failure is untreatable and irreversible, there are pet medicines that may cause the lengthening of your beloved pets’ lives. Azodyl and Epakitin are the two drugs known in the pharmaceutical market that have been great contributors in a lot of surviving CRF domestic pets. Azodyl is a drug that is in an enteric coated capsule form used to target Azotemia. Azotemia is one of the many complications of CRF that features a bizarre build-up of toxins, uremic wastes, and the like due to the inability of the kidneys to filter and discard some unwanted components in the blood via the urine. Severe Azotemia can lead to further danger so it is a must to address the problem right away. Azodyl acts as an enteric dialyzer which makes use of a group of bacteria that feeds on toxic wastes. On the other hand, Epakitin is a drug that is in a powder form used to bind with phosphorus molecules in the systems of animals with CRF. It has been found long before that the element causes CRF to develop rapidly causing imminent death to affected animals. Epakitin’s component called Chitosan is responsible for binding with phosphorus molecules and eliminating them via the bowel or urine.

There is really no reason to wonder why the two drugs are administered for CRF. They have already proven their effectiveness and safety. If it’s CRF, you have to trust Azodyl and Epakitin!

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