Views on a Future Kindle Tablet

The Kindle reading device is known for its exceptional purpose; e-book reading. With a screen that’s almost the same as reading paperback; millions of people worldwide got really hooked with this Amazon baby. Released in 2007, the Kindle has now three generations with the added Kindle DX that features a larger screen diameter. Although people like me are really enjoying such great device, I just could not help myself but think of how good it would be if Amazon releases a tablet PC this year or more likely a Kindle tablet.

To me, having a Kindle tablet would be very perfect. Imagine having an exquisite e-book reader and functional tablet in one! And it wouldn’t even be like the common tablet PCs these days. I’m pretty sure that if Amazon makes one, it’d be unique and patronized by many. A perfect Kindle tablet would feature the e-Ink display that traditional Kindles have however, it must be in colour of course. Then, it shall have the same crazy battery life that the Kindles have with a maximum of one month without even charging the device. Also, the device would be good if it would have apps, games, e-mail, browser, and other perks that most tablets these days have. However, a Kindle tablet must be kept simple without the unnecessary controls or additions that would just be found useless by users.

Hopefully, this 2011, everyone would already meet a Kindle tablet. But then again, the future of Kindle devices relies on its maker, Amazon. Let us just all hope that Amazon finally digs in to the race towards becoming the top tablet PC of today. They gained the title for being the King of standalone e-book readers with the Kindle, so why not take the challenge of becoming the King of tablets too?

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