VMware Fusion 3.1 Review

Team fusion has been persistent for a long time in coming up with VMware Fusion 3.1. Finally, the latest VMware Fusion 3.1 is now here! It is definitely more powerful and more efficient than it has ever been. Plus, it provides free update for all VMware Fusion 3 users. Why select VMware Fusion 3.1? Check out this VMware Fusion 3.1 review.

Based on WorldBench 6, the latest benchmark used to test computers and make sure that they are all running efficiently in all windows operating system, VMware Fusion 3.1 performs 35% faster compared to its older version, VMware Fusion 3.0. Tests have shown that with the latest version, Windows apps run more efficiently. 2D graphics and scrolling is four times faster compared to the old version. Furthermore, virtual machines become incredibly more responsive and resume in less time.

You will surely enjoy its excellent graphics performance. With VMware Fusion 3.1, the operation of graphics is five times better. Windows Aero performs better on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It is incorporated with upgraded OpenGL 2.1 3D graphics hardware for guests of both Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well. In addition, AutoCAD 2011 can now utilize its current Windows 7 drivers.

From resizing and dragging to interacting with various applications, everything you do is absolutely faster with the latest version of VMware Fusion. It also provides support for Exposé windows that are overlapping. VMware Fusion is the only one that can support Mac operating system Leopard’s Dock Exposé for personal Widows apps for these to function similarly with Mac applications.

Other features include easy USB connection with virtual machine and Mac. As a matter of fact, it can still recall your preference. Moreover, if you want to switch your entire personal computer to a Mac, you can do so easily and quickly, and even without spending much using VMware Fusion 3.1. All the needed software applications for the switch are included and switching is made four times faster compared to others that offer the service. It also has additional 8-way symmetric multiprocessing support and larger virtual disc size ranging from 950 gigabyte to 2 terabyte that surpass even the latest Apple models such as Xserve, Mac Pro, and iMac. It also supports the newest versions of Ubuntu 10.04, SUSE Linux 11 SP1, RHEL 5.4, and Ubuntu

As mentioned previously, all VMware Fusion 3 subscribers can try the update for free in 30 days. It can be downloaded automatically or you can go through the VMware Fusion menu and choose ‘check for updates’. After the successful installation, VMware tools also need to be upgraded to for you to apply its latest features.

VMware online store offers VMware Fusion 3.1 for $79.99 if you want to try and if you are a new customer. If you already have the old version and wish to upgrade, upgrade is only available at $39.99. Get your latest VMware Fusion 3.1 right now and enjoy!

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