Is A Water Vending Machine Business A Viable Option?

A Healthy Choice for a Business

Given that water is considered a healthy liquid to drink and vending machine water, in particular, must meet a number of regulatory guidelines with respect to safety, you definitely could say that a water vending machine business is a good choice to make. Plus, such a business is healthy for your financial outlook too.

Ongoing Customer Demand

You can see your business expand by leaps and bounds by choosing to vend water. By providing purified consumable water, you are meeting your own budgetary goals as well as providing an eco-friendly, vended product. In such a business, you are constantly challenged to meet consumer demand – a demand that does not show any signs of slowing down.

No Inventory to Stock

Pick a water vending machine business and you don’t have to worry about stocking inventory. Whether your goal is to provide water for your local market or reach beyond the area, you will see a high margin of profitability by choosing to sell vended water. And it is easy to expand such a business as supplying people with high-quality drinking water is a major concern today. Therefore, there is a definitive need for this type of vended product.

Commercial-grade Water

Water is commercial-grade and meets specific regulatory guidelines by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, so you can be assured that you are supplying your water customers with a product that is needed as well as considered premium in quality.

A Free-standing Vending Machine

Presently, you can choose from three kinds of vending machines that dispense water and address the need for water that is pure and clean. One of the units, a floor-standing design, can be placed within retail stores or outside of brick-and-mortar locations.

Other Kinds of Machines

Another type of model is typically placed with vending machines that provide other liquids, such as coffee or soda and is a countertop style. Usually, you will find this type of water vending machine in a restaurant, or primarily in fast food establishments. The third type of machine of offered in a countertop model or freestanding design and dispenses water inside a convenience store or similar retailer. The device that treats the water is situated in another area of the store, such as a backroom.

Basic Features

Water that is used in a water vending machine business is purified by the process of reverse osmosis and distillation, thereby ensuring that the water is of the purest grade. In addition, a backflow device on the unit must be installed to prevent any backflow of wastewater. Containers and drip pans on any vending machine must be made to conform to meet governmental regulations with respect to safety as well. Therefore, the components must be leak-proof as well as rust-resistant.

Almost “Pure” Profit

Vending machine models are available that dispense water in either bottles or cups. In some instances, bottles are supplied at the location of the unit – a select water vending machine location to choose if you want to make almost “pure” profit.

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