Water Vending Machines: Giving your Employees a Healthy Choice

A High-Quality Water Supply

Vended water must meet certain standards by the Department of Agriculture, specifically R309-103 – a rule that mandates the quality standards imposed on any vended water supply. Water that is dispensed through water vending machines then must meet specific requirements with respect to the microbial and chemical composition of the water supply. Therefore, if you choose to place water vending machines in your business, you are providing your employees with a high-quality grade of water.

Exceptionally Safe

That’s because vended water is potable and purified. In most cases, vended water goes through a deionization process that includes reverse osmosis and distillation. Water vending machines also must be designed to meet high standards with respect to sanitation. For example, the containers for the machines must be resistant to rust and leaks and made to be easily cleaned. In addition, water vending machines are required to contain a device to prevent any backflow of waste water. Indeed, this type of water supply is considered exceptionally safe as it must meet a number of governmental regulations in order to be dispensed.

Reduce Headache Pain

That said, it has also been determined that water offers a number of significant health benefits as well, all which are good for keeping employees motivated and inspired during their time at work. For example, it has been found that drinking water throughout the day acts as a natural remedy for headache pain. Usually, dehydration will cause one to get a headache. Therefore, keeping well-hydrated can avert the problem. In addition, since the human brain is made primarily of water, people who regularly drink the liquid stay more alert and can focus on daily tasks with less difficulty.

Increase Employee Morale

Water also keeps people from getting sick. Drinking plenty of water aids in fighting cold and flu symptoms and lowers the incidence of major illnesses, such as cardiac distress and kidney stones. In addition, people who regularly replenish their thirst by drinking water suffer less from respiratory problems, stomach pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. Not only that, studies show that drinking water regularly reduces the risk of colon and bladder cancer. Overall, drinking water is good for one’s immune health. Plus, if you feel better, you will feel happier too. Therefore, keep a plentiful supply of water available to increase employee morale.

An Eco-friendly, Green Solution

As a result, choosing to place a water vending machine in your place of business is a good move as it reduces the amount paid out in employee sick days and boosts employee productivity. So, if you are trying to make a decision on a water vending machine, take a look online at the product offerings. Vending machines that produce water offer an eco-friendly, green solution for any business providing water for its employees.

Save Money Too

In addition, businesses also save money when they supply their employees with vended water. Depending on the machine, you usually can save about half off your current water bill, especially if you need the water for over 50 employees. So, not only does the water reduce the number of employee sick days, it also saves on your utility usage too.

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