Ways to Add Storage Solutions and Comfort to your Home Office

A home office has a much different connotation these days due to the expansion of telework as a viable employment option. In the past a home office could have simply been a separate desk sitting in the corner of the kitchen or the living room. It may have been a place where you would sit and pay bills or sort through the day’s mail. But times have changed. A home office is a real living, breathing space where a telecommuter will do real work.

The advantages and benefits of working from home are well chronicled. If you telecommute full-time or part-time then you certainly live the benefits. You can optimize your time by not having to sit in the car with the rest of the throng heading into work on a daily basis. As a result, any transportation-related costs are wiped out including gas, car maintenance, or public transportation. There are also benefits to the employer. There is a much wider scope of candidates to choose from if you don’t have to look in a certain geographic area. At the same time the company does not have to pay relocation costs, won’t have to set up an office, and will save any utility costs associated with that office.

There is one drawback to working from home and that one is that the teleworker is required to pay for and configure their home office. When it comes to setting up a home office it is important to not only furnish it wisely with smart storage solutions but you also want it to be comfortable and a place that you will look forward to spending time in. When it comes to comfort one of the first office furnishings you should purchase is a comfortable chair. An ergonomic office chair is a wise purchase since you will be spending so much time sitting at your office desk. Adding a reclining model with a built-in footrest is another really nice touch and comes in handy when you need to rest your eyes at certain times during the day. Also, being able to adjust the settings on an office chair will stimulate areas of your back and shoulders which benefit from added blood flow and circulation throughout the day.

Organization should be another priority for a home office and keeping paperwork stored appropriately is a big challenge. You also want to ensure that your business paperwork doesn’t clutter up the rest of your house. At the same time, you don’t want any clutter from the rest of the house from infiltrating your home office. One great storage solution to this dilemma is to invest in a 4 drawer locking file cabinet. This is the ideal office accessory for storing all of your important paperwork in an organized container. If you are concerned about security or fire you can buy a lockable and a fireproof model. A couple of other excellent desktop organizing solutions are a mail organizer and a magazine case. The mail organizer is a product that will hold up to a month’s worth of mail with one slot for each day of the month. This unit will allow you to keep abreast of important mail that needs your attention. The magazine case is a product for storing your trade magazines, journals, and catalogs. Instead of this reference material strewn about your desk and office you will have everything in one go-to location.

Furnishing your home office with the proper comfort and organization should be paramount for the teleworker. If you make the right choices your home office will be a space that is comfortable, productive, and organized.

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