Wedding Options In Las Vegas

Everyone knows Vegas is the quickie wedding capital of the world!   They have numerous packages - the basic one called "The Simple Ceremony", a step up called "The Beautiful Ceremony" or better yet "The Luxurious Ceremony". They then keep stepping up until you reach  "The Complete Ceremony" that is expensive.  Las Vegas wedding venues are rampant - the choices and options are so varied you might have a hard time deciding.

There is a Lakeside wedding venue, it offers a very elegant and very complete ceremony and reception, everything in this location is included.  There are also other services like a bridal shop, restaurants and catering if you so choose, and photographic services are also included in some packages.  The choice is yours - the packages vary but are all a great deal.

There are a couple of hundred wedding chapels in Vegas, including an Elvis Wedding chapel.  Most of them cater for everything, and most of them have several packages at different price levels.   They have a chapel for Gothic Weddings; this includes all the accessories - fog, organ music, the grim reaper - the whole Gothic works.  Some might enjoy that.  The ever-famous Caesars Palace Hotel has a Wedding Chapel and is stated as one of the best hotels in the world, and so you should be able to expect nothing but the best from one of their seven wedding packages.

Wedding venues in Vegas can be as flamboyant or as meek as you want to portray.  You can have inside or outside wedding packages, music or not, bells or not.  In most locations, they will cater your reception.  One of the largest hotels in Vegas offer everything from the beauty treatment for the bride and spa treatment for the groom, to apparel and flowers, ceremony and reception facilities and the honeymoon suite for that first night free.

If you don’t want all the lavish pomp and ceremony, there are Chapels in Vegas that will give you the fifteen minute no reception option -  they will supply two witnesses and a few little extras.  It’s still legal and it’s still a wedding, and that just might be what you are looking for.

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