Weeping Willow Trees for Sale

A Lovely Tree to Behold

A lovely tree to behold, the weeping willow tree is part of a family of trees that make up over three hundred varieties, most of which prefer moist soil, and do well in cooler environments, particularly in the north. The weeping willow, itself, is the product of cross-fertilization. The ancestors of weeping willow trees then are the white willow tree of Europe and the Chinese Peking willow tree.

Excellent Shade Trees

This ornamental tree is often planted in large yards or near water where its branches gracefully bend over, making it look like the tree is gazing at its reflection. Because they grow fast and are fertile, the ornamental plants often form thick canopies, thereby making them excellent shade trees. In addition, weeping willow trees are often placed along the water as their root system safeguards the earth from erosion.

Used in the Treatment of Pain

The weeping willow and members of the willow family also have played a part in the history of medicine. Ancient cultures recognized and used the willow bark for inflammation and pain. Salicin, an extract from the bark of the willow tree, was eventually combined with water and used in the formation of the pain reliever aspirin.

Plant Willow Trees in an Areas away from your House or Power Lines

When you are choosing weeping willow trees for sale, again, keep in mind that this tree grows at a relatively fast pace. Plus, once you have it planted, it’s pretty difficult to uproot this particular tree. If you cut one down, make sure all the roots are removed as the tree will grow again, as stated, in very little time. The willow tree, as mentioned, is also an ideal choice if you have an area in your yard that is prone to erosion. However, make sure that you plant the tree away from your home or any power lines. Given its root system and the fact it’s hard to remove the roots, it’s not a good idea.

The Tree Drinks up Water

Indeed, the weeping willow does not waste any time when it comes to growth as it springs up, on average about six feet per year. Plus, when you are looking at weeping willow trees for sale, you’ll want to choose a tree with a root system that is advanced. That way, you’ll have a stronger tree which will grow just that much more easily. Because the tree readily absorbs water, you can plant it in places in your yard that have a tendency to puddle and, after, some time, the problem will disappear.

Some Benefits of Growing the Tree

However, you don’t have to necessarily plant a weeping willow near a body of water for it to thrive. Many have been planted in arid locations and have done just fine. Therefore, this type of willow tree can adapt to all types of environments and soils. Another nice feature of the weeping willow is the fact that its leaves do not shed until the latest part of fall and it usually blooms before the other trees in the spring. Plus, it provides a good deal of greenery in both spring and summer. The weeping willow tree is also a good choice if you want to keep you yard well-maintained as it leaves little debris.

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