What Are Global Late Deals?

There's just something about planning a holiday to an exotic villa - conjuring images of leisure, luxury, delicious cuisine, and quality time with loved ones learning new cultures and tastes.  It sounds so much more glamorous than a hotel, and it often is!

Many vacationers are afraid it's too expensive to stay in a hotel while on vacation, and a villa is even more out of reach.  Through an ingenious niche in the travel world called the global late deal, however, it's more than possible to enjoy an outstanding cheap holiday villa escape on a regular basis.

In the travel industry, vacation prices start off somewhat low, in relative terms, when reservations open up far bit in advance of the accommodation dates.  Prices then increase steadily as the reservation date draws nearer, reaching their highest a few days or weeks (it varies based on the type of travel accommodation you book) before the booking date.

Then, because it's not easy for travel vendors to sell a full-price vacation package on such short notice, the accommodation prices begin to fall as time marches closer to the traveling date.  Other holiday goers also sometimes cancel their holiday, creating last-minute deals - which the industry calls "global late deals."

So that's how you can get to a fantastic holiday villa while spending very little money.

Unfortunately, when people take advantage of last-minute travel deals, they sometimes forget to reserve their  a2b transfers at the same time.  "A2b transfer" is travel industry language for the leg of your trip that takes you from the airport to your final destination.  Local companies often charge tourists a ton of money for basic bus transportation, because it's not booked in advance.  You can avoid this unnecessary extra cost by remembering to reserve your a2b transfers before you depart on your trip.

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