What is the Best Toy to Make Your Baby Laugh?

This article aims to help you find a toy for your baby that will make them smile and laugh for hours. The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Crib and Floor Piano, Bright Starts Lots of Links, and Bright Starts Baby Playplace are all top ranked toys that enhance babies’ cognitive abilities and motor skills. They have been built by well-established toy manufacturers that have specialized in developing award winning educational and physical activities for babies for several years.

1. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Crib and Floor Piano

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Crib and Floor Piano includes and array of textures and colorful lights to dazzle and stimulate babies senses. Choose between short or long tunes that will delight and encourage baby to recognize quiet time. The keys are very easy to touch and play for babies small hands. This popular Fisher-Price toy develops babies’ creativity and brain activity as he/she is able to build a song by kicking or tapping the keys to develop short tunes of his/her choosing. Fisher-Price has been a leading toy manufacturer of some of the most popular toys for babies and toddlers through several generations and they have done it again with this exceptional toy. You can find similar Fisher-price toys featured on funfilia.com - a popular review site for a wide variety of baby toys.

2. Bright Starts Baby Playplace

The Bright Starts Baby Playplace includes 8 fun links to attach a multitude of toys to. The rattle, bead chaser, and peek-a-boo mirror will help develop baby’s motor skills and visual senses.

This multi-functional playplace is brought to you by the trusted Bright Starts company, specializing in award-winning toys that will engage and develop your baby’s senses as he/she grows. It includes a highly engaging 2-in-1 electronic toy with vibrant colors and sounds. The Bright Starts Playplace has a super soft plush pillow that can be removed and the whole unit can be folded and taken wherever baby goes.

3. Bright Starts Lots of Links

The Bright Starts Lots of Links is the perfect size for teething and grabbing with the easy to grip texture that ensures baby does not drop it. It is the perfect size to travel with wherever you and baby go. The Lots of Links toy includes 18 textured links with vibrant engaging colors and stimulating textures to enhance baby’s brain activity.

Each of these toys will keep your little one occupied as he/she has lots of fun with them. They are recommended for babies and toddlers of all ages and will stimulate their mind & senses. Each of these toys are a bit on the pricier side but don’t let that discourage you from buying them. They are built to last years and therefore will deliver value over time. The babies we tested these products with spent days playing with the toys and despite all of the chewing, drooling and dropping, each toy still looked brand new. Each toy includes a wide array of colors and textures to develop babies’ visual and tactile senses so they will develop the critical sensory skills while they are laughing and having fun. Let your little one try any of these toys and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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