What kind of Cloth Diaper is Best?

The best kind of cloth diaper is one that meets your particular family's needs. The reason there are so many different kinds to choose from is that people have different preferences. Do you want a diaper that dries quickly in a cold winter? Perhaps you should consider the old fashioned terry toweling squares. Do you want a diaper that is as much like a disposable as possible? You might like an all-in-one fitted cloth diaper then.

Prefolds and terry squares are the least expensive diapers around. Prefold cloth diapers are designed so that the part needing to be most absorbent has extra layers sewn in. They do still need to be folded, but not in the complicated patterns typically used for terry squares. As with all cloth diapers, it is important to ensure you have a well fitted, quality cover.

All-in-one cloth diapers are easily the simplest to use. They are fitted to your baby's bottom, and do up using snaps or - even better - Velcro. And they don't require a separate cover.

Of course, AIOs are generally the most expensive cloth diaper, because of the built-in cover. For other diapers you usually only need 3-6 covers in each size, whereas for AIOs you are effectively buying one for each diaper. These diapers also take longer to dry than others.

If you are looking for a diaper that is neither too expensive nor too different to a disposable, a fitted cloth diaper with separate cover may be your best option. They are available as one-size-fits-most or in different sizes, though either way covers will usually be needed in at least two if not three sizes over time.

In effect, the key to choosing the best cloth diaper for you lies between deciding on your priorities and trying a few out. In the end, you will probably want to have a few different options - perhaps some prefold diapers for when you need something that will dry quickly (or that doubles as a wipe) and a few all-in-ones for when you are in a hurry.

For more information on cloth diapers and how to use them properly, I recommend taking a look at this  site, http://www.sustainablesuburbia.net. Sustainable Suburbia is a blog by by Kirsten McCulloch which provides tips and advice on sustainable living.

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