What to Expect from Skydiving Experience Days

Free-falling from a Plane – Your First Descent

If you are a bit of daredevil, then you will, no doubt, enjoy skydiving experience days. Or, if you know someone who has always wanted to skydive or has already participated in the activity, then they will undoubtedly like receiving a skydiving experience day gift from you. You will get the full impact from the skydiving experience by signing up with Virgin in the UK. Indeed, the experience will whisk you off your feet when you fly to a height of around 10,000 feet and follow up by free-falling, strapped to your instructor at around 5,000 feet. He will be in control during the whole session, which includes opening the chute as well as landing.

The Initial Freefall Speed

For example, if you are prone to fainting or blacking out, then, obviously, you should not be jumping out of an airplane. In addition, people who have suffered back ailments or have a heart condition should avoid the skydiving experience. That said, most people are generally fit enough to skydive. Nevertheless, people with the above-mentioned health issues should not sign up for this sort of free-fall activity. After all, when you initially jump from an aircraft, you are accelerating at a speed of around 120 mph, so that initial speed is quite fast for a rookie.

Skydiving 101 at an Indoor Facility

Skydiving is offered at a number of Virgin locations in the UK, including Cambridgeshire, Peterborough; Devon, Dunkeswell; Lancashire, Preston; and Northamptonshire, Brackley, just to name a few. You can also participate in the skydiving experience, without any knowledge of skydiving, by signing up for introductory skydiving, which is held at indoor locations in the UK.

What your Introductory Indoor Skydiving Session will Include

Indoor skydiving facilities make use of air streams that are moving at (that speed again) of 120 miles per hour. When you experience skydiving in this venue, you will, basically, be practicing free-falling in a wind tunnel that is standing vertically. Included in your experience will be a briefing and educational period where you will be taught the art of free-falling as well as various maneuvers while you are in the air. You will obtain a DVD which will go over your flight as well. This experience will last approximately two hours, so plan accordingly.

Some more Rules and Restrictions

Participants, when choosing this experience, must be at least 16. If you are not yet 18, you will need to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before you can skydive. Also, the weight of the participant must be proportionate to his height. In addition, if you have a pre-existing health condition, you may not be able to participate in skydiving activities. You cannot take part in one of these indoor skydiving sessions if you are pregnant, wearing a cast, or have previously dislocated your shoulder. Locations for this beginning level of instruction are at Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes; and Manchester, Trafford Quays.

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