What to Look For In Internet Yorkshire Breeding Websites

Anyone can claim to be a breeder and can say they are an expert on any given breed.  The law does not require any special training or awards.  I can say that I am a breeder simply because I have a male and a female dog, however, owning two dogs does not make me a breeder and I AM FAR FROM AN EXPERT.  What I do know is how to spot a charlatan.  There are three obvious things that you can look for to avoid falling into a Yorkshire terrier con.

  • Any breeder who offers more than a few distinct breeds should be avoided
  • Any breeder who has not set up three distinct points of contact should be avoided
  • Any breeder who does not wear their contract on their sleeve, posted on the website for all to read, should be avoided.

It takes three couples to have a choice

If you come across a website that has Yorkie puppies for sale, and they also claim to have ten other special breeds for sale, avoid that so-called breeder like the plague.  Even if they do, they would have to have separate facilities for each breed and a hundred acres of land, along with a full staff.  A breeder, by common sense definition, is someone who has full-blooded males and females and breeds a specific kind of dog from the choices they have.  If they have ten breeds including teacup Yorkie puppies for sale, they would have to have about 100 dogs to breed with any accuracy.

Three Points of Contact

Breeders with toy Yorkie puppies for sale will have a website that has a phone number, an email address, and a physical address including a house number, street, and city and state.  If they do not have clear ways for you to contact them or visit, they may be hiding something.  You may be buying Yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan and for all you know, they are actually right down the street from you in Florida.  They have a business and businesses take a chance by giving exact information.  It is part of having your own business.  You would not purchase a car from someone who told you about the car but would not let you come and look at it.  That is not to say you want to see physically, the breeder, but you should have the option to know how the dogs are care for and how they live.  Show me the dog fax.

Where Is the Contract

Yorkies for sale are not just words; they are an advertisement.  In and of themselves, they mean nothing.  The contract is what you are purchasing and you have the right to know what is in the contract before you decide to buy.  Any breeder who will not post the contract that everyone will sign is either handing out individual contracts that are different for everyone in order to suit the breeders illegal needs, or they are hiding something.  Either way, legitimate Yorkies for sale websites will have the contract out for the world to see.

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