When To Use Kitchen Design Software

It isn't always that easy when you are starting to plan a kitchen renovation to be able to see what the finished product can be but there are a few ways to make this process easier for you. Any good kitchen renovation will start with a list of the items that you have to have and those that you want to have. The trick is to find a way to get as many of the items on your list into your finished kitchen while keeping the function and budget in check. Once you have a great list then you can consider using some kitchen design software to help you create a picture of what your kitchen will be like. Here's a few things to consider before jumping in to using any software.

Kitchen Dimensions

You should confirm and measure a few times the actual space you have to dedicate to your kitchen. This seems simple but without firm dimensions it becomes difficult to create a real picture of your finished kitchen and get an accurate budget number. So you need to know...
-the length of all walls
-the height of your walls
-if you have an open area near the kitchen...how far will the kitchen project into this
-plans for island size?
-seating area size

These dimensions will become the framework of your kitchen plan and don't change much unless you start tearing down walls but that is a different story.


Before you can pick your cabinets you need to know the appliances you want since the dimensions and electrical/gas/plumbing requirements of these units will determine how the cabinets will fit with them and into the room. If you want double wall ovens, a big steel fume hood, your dishwasher in the island...these choices make a difference when you use a software program like the Ikea Kitchen Planner.


A good source of lighting can make a huge difference in your kitchen so take the time to consider where you want work specific light to complement your mood lighting in your kitchen. Then when you use a program like SmartDraw you can move cabinets around and see where lighting will work best. Consider using tape in your existing kitchen to mark out the distance you need light to cover or specific locations so you can add that into your plan.

Kitchen design software is an under used tool these days since it gives you a lot of design flexibility. Not only can you create a variety of designs but you can take these specific dimensions to kitchen renovators and get a good idea of budget ahead of time

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