Where to Buy Tennis Elbow Straps?

Lateral epicondylitis, medical term for tennis elbow, is the inflammation of the elbow region, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As its name suggests, tennis elbow is commonly due to playing tennis, and other sports that use racquet. However, it can be a result of many other activities that strain the elbow area and can definitely affect anyone, even those who are not fond of playing such sports.

The human elbow is located in the middle arm. It is a joint that connects the upper arm and the forearm. It allows ease of mobility of the forearm. In certain sports, such as tennis, the elbow and muscles used to raise and hold the racquet and hit the ball are prone to strain. Strong force applied to the structure repetitively can injure the underlying ligaments and tendons causing it to swell.

The manifestations of the injury include pain about 1-2 cm below and outside the elbow, weakness and difficulty using the wrist, and discomfort upon bending the hands backwards and straightening the fingers against resistance. Swelling is also apparent. If you happen to have this condition, you will notice that the pain is continuous and it even gets worse over time. Besides cold compress, rest, and anti-inflammatory drugs, your doctor will mostly include tennis elbow strap in your treatment plan.

Tennis elbow strap is especially designed for such injury. It is wrapped around the forearm and the pressure on the muscles is relieved. It is worn it to ease discomfort, aid in healing, and provide protection from injury. You may think that this device will no longer let you use your arm. This is a wrong notion. There is definitely no problem with using your hand while wearing the supportive device. You can still go on with your usual activities.

How do you use this item? It is simple. First of all, you have to make sure that the tennis elbow strap that you buy perfectly fits you. Use a tape measure and surround it on your forearm about two centimeters below the elbow to know your size . If you already have one, loosely encircle your forearm with the fastening strap so that you can slide it over your hand towards your elbow. The fastening strap should be positioned away from your body and should be pointed towards the buckle. The cushion edge should be placed approximately half an inch from the elbow.   Secure the strap by fastening it with the buckle. Be sure that it won’t be so tight that it would impede blood circulation. If you are looking for this item, go and visit sporting goods stores in your area. Most sporting goods stores offer this product. Better yet, try to browse the Internet and look for online stores that offer a wide variety of this supportive device.

It is best to wear this product as a means of prevention. If you already have the injury, you do not have to give up your hobby. You can still play tennis and other related sports with this device.

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