Which Brand of Running Shoe to Buy?

One of the most confusing things about buying a new pair of running shoes is how many different brands there are. If you’ve been confused between Asics, New Balance, Nike, Brooks and a variety of others then you are not alone! Here’s a brief guide to making sure that you choose a good pair of running shoes from a high quality brand. Running shoes can be expensive, after all, so it’s important to ensure that you don’t waste your money.

If you’re looking for top quality road running shoes then brands such as Asics and New Balance are probably your best bet. They are well known in the running community for providing reliable and well made shoes. The downside is that the shoes don’t come cheap. You should expect to spend anywhere up to $150 on regular shoes from these companies – but this is one area where you certainly get what you pay for. Asics shoes, for example, often come with a lot of support for the foot arch which can help prevent the foot from rolling inwards with each heel strike and guard against injury.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy a pair of running shoes for trail jogging then you’ll probably want to look at specialist companies. Brooks and Salomon are two of the main ones, but there are other options available if you’re willing to take a gamble. The reason it’s a good idea to buy trail running shoes from these companies is that it requires very different technology. You need a trail runner to be sturdy and reliable, and it must provide a good level of grip. Other companies do make trail running shoes, but make sure you read reviews from runners who have experience with this type of sport before you buy, otherwise it’s easy to make a mistake.

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