Which is Better: a Manual Razor or a Lady Shaver?

Undoubtedly, shaving is an effective technique for hair removal. The concept is easy. There is hair. There is a shaver. The hair is gone (even if it comes back quickly). Whenever you bathe, which is usually on a daily basis, it does not take much to shave your legs or armpits. Shaving is much more convenient than messing with stinky hair removal lotions and much less painful than using wax to rip out the hair.

Disposable razors are simple and convenient, so what would be a reason for spending a lot of cash on an electric lady shaver that does essentially the same thing as a manual razor that can be had at a minimal cost?

This article lists some of the most popular reasons for choosing a lady shaver over a disposable razor.

1. Not as many cuts

Even though manual razors are not dangerous, they can still cut you if you are not careful. These small cuts can hurt quite a bit and they can bleed a lot. If you use a lady shaver instead, the number of cuts you get during your hair removal session will be greatly lowered.

2. Shave in the shower or out.

At one time, electric shavers could not be used in wet conditions, which meant that you had to use a disposable razor if you wanted to shave when you were bathing. Now, though, electric shavers can be used in either wet or dry conditions, which means you can shave wherever you want, even if you don’t feel like getting your skin wet first. With disposable razors, you have to have damp skin. If you try to shave dry skin, it will not work very well at all. Lady shavers allow you to shave without the need for water, which is a huge advantage.

3. Price

Of course, manual razors do not cost a lot each time you go to buy them, the costs do add up since you have to replace them again and again. Over time, you will mostly likely spend as much or more money on manual razors than you would if you purchased a lady shaver a single time.

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