Which Square Coffee Table Design Should You Choose?

Some of the greatest moments in life happen with a cup of coffee on the table, chatting with a friend or any important person to you. In special moments like this, it is important that the coffee table and chairs give you comfort and feeling of like being at home. Coffee tables are of a wide variety in terms of design i.e. shape and materials used. In this article, we will confine our attention to different coffee table designs that are perfect for several coffee shops or even for home use.

As aforementioned, coffee tables have various shapes and styles. These shapes include rectangle, round, square and oval. The widely used materials are wood and glass. There are other coffee tables that have unique features such as those that have cabinets and racks for storage. Among the types, the square table is the most classic and traditional one. The most common square coffee table is the large square one. Practicality wise, this type is efficient but architecturally speaking, it occupies a lot of space in a certain area or room. Across the globe, however, it is still the most widely used type of table.

There are three special types of square coffee tables. The first one is the Vogue coffee table. The design of this table type is inspired by dynamic contemporary design, being known as one of the most affordable tables. With just a glimpse of it, you can easily see the modernity in its design. Your attention will be caught by its cross X- shape legs and its edges are covered with black rubber copper. The purpose of these edge embellishments is to give the user a cool and relaxing feeling. As most modern objects or structures, it boasts of its transparent fine tempered glass table top, typically 7-8mm thick. This first type is obviously of simple design yet the elegance is a character.

The second type is the black square glass table’s unique design. The design originated from asymmetric figuring. The aqua-look black slicked glasses are mainly featured which create two tiers of shining contrast lighting. Each of these glasses floats on a stainless steel frame. In terms o size, this type is small and can never be purchased from all furniture shops. The third type is called the Kyoto 4 tops square wood coffee table. The design of this type is conceptualized from Japanese artistic styles. Likewise, the design of this type is not intricate and thus, it simple and modern. Maintenance wise, it can be easily cleaned and stored which is for your convenience. In terms of size, it does not occupy a lot of space due to its being small.

It is well for you to choose the right square coffee table that is perfectly suitable for the ambience or the surrounding environment. Do not limit your choice to the styles mentioned above. There are several designs available on the market like Plateau, SL series square coffee table with glass top at $379.99; OIA, dusk coffee table with glass top at $139.99; Hokku Designs, Nile square motion storage coffee table in Wenge available at $529.99 and a lot more. This presentation of models and prices will help you have an idea as to how affordable coffee tables are.

Where can you buy quality coffee tables? There is a huge selection o styles available in your local furniture shops and also online. It is encouraged that you compare prices and read reviews that will guide you as you purchase a coffee table of high quality and at a reasonable price.

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