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whitegshockwatchThe name Casio was not associated to watch making initially but to the manufacturing of calculators, since 1957. They choose to remain in the calculator league till the electronic watch revolution took place. It was then that Casio decided to make it's way in to the electronic market of watches for the first time. They were a great success instantly because they had the backing of electronics expertise gained from years of experience developed from the manufacturing of calculators. This became their strength when manufacturing the Casitron in 1974 for the world. Casitron had the ability to display dates along with the time. The dates were automatically updated irrespective of long or short months or leap years. This gave Casio a good first start in the market. Since then there has been no turning back.

In 1978 they released the first wrist watch that had a Casio LCD. The year 1982 saw a watch that had a digital / analog combination. In 1983, they advanced with the introduction of G-shock which was a wrist watch that was shock resistant. A wrist watch databank for hand written data was released in 1984 followed by the ultra thin, FS-10 digital watch in 1985. In order to capture the youth market in 1988, the Sting analog watch was released. BM-100WJ, a digital watch which forecasted weather trends because of the sensors in it was released in 1989. In 1993, a digital compass wrist watch, CPW-100 was released and then came the Baby-G, G-shock in 1994, for women. The year 1995 saw the release of display of data on glass, in the twincept wrist watch.

Casio, has strived to develop in the electronic market and has advanced in to the cameras, projects and printers, computers, terminal screens etc world with the sole purpose of further advancing the watch making industry. The G-shock for men and women are very popular in the Casio range. They target enthusiasts of active sports. They are sturdy and tough and come in many sporty styles. They offer many training functions. The Casio founders, Tadao Kashio and the family actively sponsor sports events and contribute the funds to aid development of new businesses ideas.

The G-shock series keeps changing the colors of the watch every season. They come in vibrant colors like hot pink, purple, electric blue, neon green, silver, white, yellow and are also available in the regular, classic black. Some of the series have a combination of cool colors like white and purple or black and neon yellow etc. For the men there are four watches in the AW series which have different numbers allotted, eight kinds of watches in the DW series and the G series has 21 different styles. One GLX style, two GS styles, nineteen GW series, two GWM series and five MTG series. For the woman, they have a Baby-G series made based on the G-shock technology. There are 24 different styles in the BG series for women. All trendy and sporty in a combination of colors like white and pink, hot red, hot pink etc. Three BGA series, two BGR series and seven MSG series. These are quite preferred by sports enthusiasts and trainers in the market.

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