Why Businesses Seek Box Trucks For Sale

Many businesses find that they need to deliver merchandise to their customers, and sometimes pick up items from customers. For example, a catering company might need to pick up food and supplies from their distributor, and deliver prepared food to events. To meet these requirements, many businesses turn to box trucks for this application.

When looking for box trucks for sale, a business or individual must pay attention to a number of factors. A primary consideration is the size of the truck. For example, the catering business might estimate it needs a box truck that is twenty feet long. The catering business might opt for a longer box truck to have additional capacity for future use. However, selecting too large a truck is not wise either, because it will use more fuel. Also, it may cost more to register and insure if the rates depend on the weight and size of the truck.

There are plenty of used box trucks available on the market. A qualified, competent truck mechanic should inspect the vehicle before a purchase offer is made. An inspection is especially important if the vehicle is more than a few years old, or has excessive mileage on it. Some brands of trucks are more reliable than others, so it pays to check items that often wear such as wheel bearings, suspension bushings, shocks, tires, drive-shafts, tie rod ends, and ball joints. These items often take a beating in heavily loaded trucks, especially if driven on rough roadways or above their rated load.

Payload capacity is an important consideration as well. If a business will be delivering heavy items such as those made of steel, concrete, or stone, even though the item may not take up much space, it may be very heavy. So a box truck with a gross vehicle weight rating of 24,000 lbs would not be adequate to haul 40,000 pounds of steel obviously. In this case, a full size over the road semi tractor trailer right would likely be required.

Alternatively, for smaller loads, a 4x4 for sale is what many businesses choose for pickups and deliveries. For example, a landscape company might find a 4x4 more suitable for carrying shrubs, trees, tools, lawnmowers and so on. A 4x4 is also more useful in the off road, muddy, or rough terrain conditions that are often encountered when landscaping.

For 4x4 trucks, much the same rules apply when looking for a used model. The mechanic's inspection is important for the same reasons as for box trucks. The payload capacity of a 4x4 truck can vary greatly, so make sure the model selected can carry the load. For diesel models with an automatic transmission, the transmission should be checked over carefully. The diesel models produce quite a bit of torque, and if used in heavy hauling on steep grades, the transmission can overheat. Then burned fluid gets stuck in the valve body, or worse, the friction materials become damaged and severely compromise the useful life of the transmission.

The differentials should also be checked for shavings. Excess shavings, or worse chips, in the gear oil can indicate an excessively worn or damaged differential.

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