Why I Think Designer Mermaid Wedding Dresses are a Waste of Money

I got married to the love of my life three years ago, and had always planned to have the dream wedding that most little girls tend to as they are growing up.  Part of my dream was the fairytale romance ending with a fairytale wedding, with me wearing a mermaid wedding dress in a magnificent castle setting with my Prince Charming stood next to me.  Believe it or not I did manage to tick all those boxes.

Some people ask me would I have changed anything about my wedding, and the answer is yes.  I would never have paid what I did for my mermaid wedding dress.  I am going to tell you why I think designer mermaid wedding dresses are a complete waste of money and how you can do things differently if you want to save cash.

In the lead up to my wedding I saw a fantastic design by a leading wedding dress designer (who I am going to choose not to name today).  They are a very well respected brand of bridal store though, and thousands of women like me use their wedding dress design services every year.  Their range of designer mermaid wedding dresses did appear to be second to none, and as a very slim and tall woman I was advised that this style of dress would really suit me.

I went through two months of fittings, consultations, and even last minute alterations with this bridal store, and I was convinced I was getting great value for money because designer mermaid wedding dresses are known be very expensive.  However, knowing what was to come I wish I had now kept it simple and got married on a beach – but then even designer beach wedding dresses can cost huge amounts so perhaps it was better the devil you know?

One my wedding day everything was set and I got strapped into my mermaid wedding dress, which was where everything started to go horribly wrong.  The hidden zipper and corset combination at the back suffered a malfunction and they could not do me up properly.  Despite the fact the chief wedding dress designer was there on the day nothing could be done and I ended up walking down the aisle with a load of safety pins holding the back of my designer mermaid wedding dress together.

The whole shambles ended up costing me thousands upon thousands of dollars, and what made it even worse was a couple of months later when I went to a distant relations wedding.  They also had a mermaid wedding dress, which looked designer just like mine... and it worked perfectly and looked beautiful.  By all accounts hers was bought on mail order for a couple of hundred dollars from an imitation factory in China.  To say I feel ripped off would be an understatement – and I guess the moral of the story is to shop around and don’t get sucked into the whole idea that the top wedding dress designers no best.  I know from bitter experience that in many cases this simply isn’t true.

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