Why We Need to Soften Hard Water With Saltless Water Softeners

We all know that we need to soften hard water before we can use it. But do you really understand why we need to soften hard water, and what exactly is hard water? Hard water is actually water that has a high amount of mineral ions, and these mineral ions are hard ions that will display hard properties. Do you know that hard water can be consumed safety, and it will not affect our body? The main reason we need to soften hard water is to stop all the potential damages that hard water can cause to out homes.

The hard mineral ions are first present in the mineral rocks. We have plenty of these mineral rocks at our water supply and the mineral ions are drained into our water source. These hard mineral ions are actually magnesium and calcium ions. The main problem that hard water can cause is clogging of pipes.

The main way of transporting water around our homes is through our water pipes. However, the excessive magnesium and calcium ions them form precipitates which are left behind on the surfaces of pipes. Overtime, these precipitates accumulate on top of each other and gradually slows down the water flow, along with the water pressure. This can cause the pipes to become clogged when the precipitate are thick enough.

The main way to reduce these problems of hard water is to soften it using saltless water softeners. Saltless water softeners cause a physical change in the hard ions. After the hard water pass through the saltless water softeners, the hard ions will become strongly attracted to each other and not form any precipitate on the surfaces of the pipes, or form other compounds which displays hard properties. In this way, we can say that the water is softened.

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