Why You Need Mailing List Subscribers

I've been running different types of mailing lists for a number of years now. I started on creating and interacting with direct mail lists, and have in the last few years moved onto email marketing. One thing that I've learnt over these years is this: If you're going to build a list (And a successful one), you need a lot of subscribers!

The thing is, without subscribers your list is worth nothing. It is these subscribers that buy your products and interact with your business, so it would make sense to have a lot of them. The more subscribers you have on your list, the more potential you have to make money from it.

Not just any subscribers will do however, There's no point going to a mailing list company, buying 10,000 subscribers and thinking you're going to make a lot of money. These subscribers are cheap to buy for one main reason: Because they are non responsive!

By this I mean there will be a lot of dead emails addresses in there, and they generally won't respond to you because they didn't sign up to your mailing list Most likely they will mark your emails as spam and jeopardise your account with your email marketing provider. In other words, steer clear of non responsive email subscribers.

When you build your list with people that are genuinely interested in your business however, you are creating a strong asset. While people usually visit your site once or twice then don't come again, if they're on your mailing list you can remind them about your service every now and then and encourage repeat visitors. You can also sell directly to them where appropriate, and contact them whenever something news worthy is happening. This means you are bale to get a lot more out of each customer. This is why you need mailing list subscribers.

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