Why You Should Use Heating Pads for Back Pain?

Most people suffer from back pain. It can be due to stress, over-exertion of muscles, or injury. And one of the most common ways to treat back pain is to apply heating pads in the affected area. However, most people don't really understand how heating pads work or how to use them properly.

A heating pad will relieve back pain by obstructing the transmission of pain signals to the brain. There are a lot of sensory signals being sent by the body to the brain, and the brain has the capacity to entertain only a few selected stimuli at once. The brain has certain preferences when it comes to processing stimuli and the pain signals are ranked as the least important.

When you use heat to treat an injured body area, the body still transmits pain signals to your brain. But the warming sensation is the stimuli that the brain entertains, so in effect, it ignores the pain signals. When the warming sensation fades, the brain focuses back on the pain signals, causing you to feel pain again.

This is the main reason why heating pads can relive your pain for a while. They manage to block the pain signals to the brain. But once the heat fades, the pain comes back. Heat pads for back pain are a convenient means to reduce pain but you should be aware of two main issues when using them.

When there is some inflammation in the affected area, it is not recommended that heating pads be used. Heat can increase the swelling in the inflamed area because it increases the blood flow. This can lead to more feelings of pain.

Another issue is that heating pads are only a temporary relief to pain. They do not address the root cause of the pain. So in order for the pain to disappear completely, you need to seek appropriate treatment for the pain's underlying cause.

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