Will Amazon Release The Color Kindle 4 In 2011?

We are all waiting to hear if Amazon will release the new Color Kindle 4 in 2011, and if so we hope that it will be as great as we expect.

How fantastic it will be if the amazon kindle 4 would allow us to read in color, and it will change the way that we purchase our e-books, as we can buy those glossy mags with all of their wonderful colors.

It will take a lot to improve on the wonderful Kindle 3 as it has given us all so much pleasure, and has  improved our reading hours as we can take a book anywhere in our own personal Kindle e-reader.

We don't have to make a choice of books to take with us on a trip anymore, as normally we are limited by the weight of our books, but now we have a choice of the millions of books that are available.

Every Kindle needs a great cover, and the Kindle 3 covers come in an excellent selection, both of material and color. You can purchase fabric ones or fantastic leather ones in a lovely selection of bright shades and patterns, so it is well worth taking a look at the availability.

The Black Leather Kindle 3 covers are the top sellers at the moment, followed closely by the Red one, but as there are so many colors, including Black, Red, Pink, Green and Blue you are sure to find the perfect color for you.

One of the best sellers in the Kindle 3 covers are the lighted Kindle covers, and these are a great invention, as you are no longer limited as to where you can read your favorite book.

The light is cleverly concealed inside the cover when not in use, and when needed it simply pops up to light the page that you are currently on.

It is a great cover for those who like to read in bed, and you can do so without disturbing your partner.

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