Will Military Fashion Be Big in 2011?

I work in fashion and have done for over ten years now. I have recently had a lot of emails from my friends who turn to me for fashion advice and most always ask me if military fashion will be big in 2011. Its an interesting question as you may have noticed that in the tail end of last year this trend grew quite big and so most people are wondering if it was just a phase or something that is expected to grow even more. Well I managed to speak to a retail expert who told me that their online store combatboots247 was ordering much more combat boots and military boots for the coming months, double on what they ordered the same time last year!

So this indicates that military fashion will be just as big, if not bigger in the new year. I asked what made them decide that they needed to order more in and they said they have been helped massively by the recession. The downturn in the economy made many people turn to wearing combat boots as a more affordable alternative to designer boots. Not only were they inexpensive but they were also really durable too. This meant that instead of buying designer boots which would only last one season many people wanted to buy combat boots which would last 4-5 years. The best thing of all is that with these types of boots people knew they could wear these day in and day out and they were built to last. So with people wearing combat boots almost every day of the week it only leads to more and more people wearing them!

So with the recession and its after effects still having a huge effect on peoples jobs and the economy it certainly doesn’t seem like prosperous spending is on its way back anytime soon which is great news for online stores that sell military fashion!

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