Wine Stain Removal – How to Clean Wine Stains Out of Any Surface

Act Quickly if the Spill is New

Your wine tasting event can suddenly turn sour if you happen to drop wine on your carpet or clothing. Fortunately, many times, if you act quickly, you can ameliorate the situation and miraculously remove the stain before it sets.

Get Some Salt out of the Kitchen Cupboard

For example, you have just spilled Cabernet Sauvignon all over your brand new white carpet. What can you do? Of course, the spill has puddled in the center of the room, making the red stain just that much easier to notice. However, you need not despair as fairly quick actions on your part will help get most of the residue removed if, as stated, you address the problem as soon as you notice it. Therefore, softly blot a new spill and get some salt from the cupboard to pour over the stain.

Use Club Soda on a Stain that has Dried

Or, if you don’t notice the stain until the next day, pour club soda over on the discoloration before following up with table salt. Generally, it’s best to leave the salt on the stain for several hours and vacuum up the substance after that time. You can also douse the stain, if you don’t have salt handy, with corn starch or talcum powder too.

Treat Garments with Corn Starch or Talcum Powder

If you find that you have tinted your garment with wine, softly blot up the wine and sprinkle talcum powder or corn starch on the blemish. If the stain isn’t new, then, as with the carpet, you will need to pour club soda on it before sprinkling talcum powder or corn starch over the spot.

Another Wine Stain Removal Technique

Or, if the stain is recently acquired on a piece of clothing, you can also remove the red tint with cold water by applying it to the back of the area where the stain has formed. Thereafter, blot up the spill with a clean towel trying to lift as much of the stain as you can. Follow up by pouring salt over the stained area, letting it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing the stain again with cold water.

While you are rinsing the stain, rub the salt and stain with your fingers, reapplying the salt and cold water, until the stain is no longer visible. Afterward, pour laundry detergent on the area before rubbing it in. Allow it to sit for approximately five minutes before you rinse it with cold water and throw it into the washer.

Boil Some Water

Yet another way to remove a wine stain from clothing —a red wine stain in particular—works the best when the stain is fresh. As soon as the wine spills, get the tea kettle and boil some water. Poise the stained clothing over the sink. Of course, it’s a good idea not to be wearing the garment as you are going to be flushing out the stain with boiling water from a height of about four feet. You will probably have to get a small step ladder or chair when pouring the scalding water from the kettle. Again, as long as the stain is recent, this stain removal technique should get rid of the offending color, making it magically disappear.

Still Yet Another Wine Stain Removal Technique for Dried Red Wine Stains

You can also remove a red wine stain that has dried with the use of white wine. Simply soak the area in some Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay and blanket it with a paste of baking soda, keeping the substance moist for a couple hours before washing it.

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