Wireless Trackball Mouse Reviews: Top 3 Wireless Trackballs

Do you yell and scream whenever you use a traditional corded mouse? Does using a corded mouse annoy you? Often times, corded mouse is just not so convenient to use for a variety of reasons. For one, this type of mouse can be only used effectively on flat surfaces. It requires extra space to move it around. Two, it should be kept clean or else, dust and dirt will clog and it will not work properly. Three, it is costly. It may not cost much when you buy a unit but this type of mouse does not usually last long and needs to be replaced every now and then. Hence, you still spend a lot replacing it over and over again. This kind of device usually hangs up while in use. Isn’t it irritating? Perhaps the main disadvantage in using a corded mouse is it stresses the wrist and can lead to musculoskeletal injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. And the list of disadvantages of this device goes on.

It’s a good thing that Wireless Trackball Mice are available nowadays. Without a doubt, a Wireless Trackball Mouse has way more advantages over corded mouse. Whenever you use the device, you do not have to look for a flat surface just to use it. If you need to work in an area that is cluttered or where there is no table or any flat surface available, then this wireless mouse surely works for you. You can absolutely use it anytime, anywhere! It also does not require much space because it does not need to be hovered over surfaces for it to work. You do not need mouse pad. You never have to change its position or pick it up and put it back. Moreover, you can control the cursor with your thumb or fingertips. You can even use your palm if you like! Thus, you do not have to run the risk of having wrist injuries because you basically do not have to bend your wrists. No regular cleaning of the device is required. The ball’s wiping mechanism on the suspension does the cleaning.

This type of mouse is ideal for slideshow presentations that require you to work at a distance. It is Wi-fi enabled, making  it possible to combine a trackball machine’s versatility with wireless system. Interested to buy one? Here are the top 3 best rated wireless trackball mouse.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX
It has impressive features. One of which is its Darkfield tracking that allows you to work on almost any surface.  Another feature is its Unifying technology that is capable of connecting six devices to a single USB port. You can scroll easily through long documents, slides, and images.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700
This is capable of storing up to five player profiles. It has buttons that allow you to set macros, map keyboard commands, or adjust tracking sensitivity in the middle of battle. It also has an LED battery indicator and a dual-mode scroll wheel, allowing click-to-click weapon selection and quick scrolling through long documents or web pages.

Microsoft Arc Mouse
It is portable, lightweight, and wireless. When not in use, its wireless USB receiver automatically snaps into the bottom of the mouse. Thus, you can just throw it into your bag and go.

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